The Christian Democratic Union was created on the 8th of February, 1997 year in Kyiv, Ukraineas theParty of Christian-Popular Union to promote the ideas of European Christian democracy in Ukraine.

In the 6th Congress in 2003 three regional  parties united with it (Christian Democratic Party of UkraineUkrainian Christian Democratic Partyand All-Ukrainian Alliance of Christians).They  formed a new party and called it CDU - Christian Democratic Union. A well-known Ukrainian lawyer, Volodymyr Stretovych became the CDU's president.

Since 1998, the CDU participated in parliamentary and presidential elections.

In 2001, the party was an active member of the political bloc "Our Ukraine", consisting of which representatives of  the party entered into  Verkhovna Rada (Parliament of Ukraine) in 2002 year.

Since the 2th of December , 2002 year  CDU is a  member of the International People's and Christian Democratic parties. (CDI)

In 2006 the party participated in parliamentary and local elections within the election bloc "Our Ukraine" and delegated three deputies to the Parliament and 600 deputies to local councils.

In April 15, 2007 the voting bloc "People's Self-Defense” was established at the party congress between political parties "Defense" and the “Christian Democratic Union”.

 In 2008, CDU again entered in the Parliament within the National Assembly bloc.

  On the 12th June, 2009 year, at the 5th General Assembly of ECPM  in Bern (Switzerland)  the Party “CDU" was officially accepted into the European Christian Political Movement.

In the fall of 2009, at the initiative of the CDU, the Association of Christian Democrats of Eastern Europe was established, which includes the Christian Democrats of Russia, Belarus, Lithuania and Armenia.

In 2010, the CDU firstly participated  independently  in local elections. According to the elections results, 320 representatives of the CDU became the deputies of the  local governments.

The edition of the party is the newspaper "Christian Democrats".

Today CDU has regional organizations in 24 regions of Ukraine and has 25 000 members.

In September 2014, at the15th congress of the CDU Alexander Chernenko, the First Deputy of the Mayor in Dneprodzerzhinsk, was elected  like the CDU’s president in Ukraine.

Registered address: Kyiv, Bohdan Khmelnytsky street, 3-A

Phone; 044